How to Knit Cold Weather Sweater

Make a warm, woolly sweater for your hus¬band. father, boyfriend, or brother — he can wear it outside instead of a jacket for skiing, hiking, or riding. It will also be a favorite choice for apres-ski or a cool evening at home. The checked pattern is a simple knit 4, purl 4 repeat and the thick wool and large needles mean that the work will progress quickly —perhaps you can finish it in time for a special Christmas present.

Size: Directions are for 96 cm (38”) chest. Changes for 100cm – 104cm (391/2 “- 41”) chest are in brackets.

Materials Required: 1000 (1100) gm or 36 (39) oz [ 50 gm = 150 m or 165 yds]. Stitch holders. Jumper needles or circular needle size 10 (Am) or 3 (Eng).

Stitch Pattern: R 1 : P 1 (3:4), *K 4, P 4, repeat from * to last 1 (3:4) st(s), K 1 (3:4) st(s), K 1 (3:4). R 2-4 : K the K sts and P the P sts. R 5 : K 1 (3:4), *P 4, K 4, repeat from * to last 1 (3:4) st(s), P 1 (3:4). R 6-8: K the K sts and P the P sts. All following R : Repeat from R 1.
Rib Pattern: K 1, P 1 rib.

Tension: 13 sts and 20 R = 10cm or 4”.

Abbreviations: St(s) = stitch(es). R = row(s). K = knit. P = purl.

Back: Cast on 66 ( 70:72 ) sts and work Border Pattern for 8 cm or 3” . Continue in Stitch Pattern and work straight to 62 cm or 241/2” .

Shape Shoulder and Neck: At each armhole edge. in every 2nd R cast off 7 sts 3 times (8 sts 2 times. then 7 sts 1 time: 8 sts 3 times). At the same time, at 63 cm or 243/4” cast off center 18 sts. At neck edge. in every 2nd R cast off 2 sts 1 time and 1 st 1 time.

Front: Work as for Back except for Neck edge. At 47 cm or 181/2”. divide work at center and finish the sides separately. Add 1 st at Neck edge and work Border Pattern on 5 sts at Neck edge and continue Stitch Pattern for other sts. At 57 cm or 221/2”. in every 2nd R at Neck edge. place sts on stitch holder: 5 sts 1 time, 3 sts 1 time, 2 sts 1 time. Cast off 1 st every 2nd R 3 times.

Sleeve: Cast on 34 sts and work in Border Pattern for 6 cm or 21/2”. Continue in Stitch Pattern, increasing 1 st each side every 6th R 12 times — 58 sts. At 45cm or 173/4”, cast off 3 sts at each side of every R 9 times. Cast off remaining 4 sts. Repeat for other sleeve.

Finishing: Join shoulder seams. For collar, pick up unworked sts from one side. 51 sts from Neck edge. and unworked sts from other
side — 71 sts. Work 20 cm in Border Pattern: cast off in Border Pattern. Beginning at the shoulder seam, sew half the Sleeve to the Front and the other half to the Back. Join sleeve and side seams. Repeat for other side.
Knitting with heavy yarn The piece will become heavy as it grows in length, so if you knit it on regular knitting needles, the weight of it will make your arms tired. Use jumper needles or a circular needle and knit back and forth across the rows, resting the weight of the piece in your lap.


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