How to make your face look older with makeup


In older faces the expressive lines of the face become fixed as the muscles sag, and the skin hangs more loosely round the skull because the tissue has less body. Faces age very gradually and this should be taken into account when doing the make-up. A ten year difference between an actor and the part he is playing does not require a gre it deal of shadowing or highlighting. Older faces depend particularly on contrasts. Make a note of the faces around you and the way in which they differ according to age. Age does not always mean deep folds and sunken cheeks. Some of the ways in which faces change and which can be important in make-up are listed below. Depending on the results and/or age required, these can include: — temples — folds round the — contours of the forehead nose and lips — lumps on the forehead — cheekbones — folds at the bridge of the nose — corners of the — inner corner of the eye mouth — upper eyelid — chin — outer corner of the eye — folds in the neck — folds under the eye — line of the jaw — neck



Ad’s normal appearance. Take a good look at his face. Where are the contours and the folds in this face?

The foundation is a light ivory coloured greasepaint. The circulation in older skin is poorer, so that it often has a lighter, washed-out look.



Dark brown make-up is applied with a brush in places where shadows are required.

This brown make-up is blended in to the foundation using a fingertip.



A very light coloured make-up is now applied next to all the shadows. Make a good note where the cotours come with regard to these shadows.

The highlights are also blended with the foundation and the shadowing. Make sure there are no stripes, only narrow patches of make-up. The make-up is then powdered.



Using the fine grained sponge, lightly put some dark brown pancake onto the beard area. Make a parting in the hair and apply ivory coloured pancake with a sponge from the parting to either side of the hair. Then comb out the hair and spray on some hairspray.

Make sure the neck is also made up. An old face on a young neck looks odd.When making up an older person remember that age is not only portrayed with lines but also with a heightened contrast of light and dark. This applies to both men and women. Other details such as hair and clothes also contribute a great deal to the final result. Insome cases it may be better to emphasize the age by the character’s hair and clothes rather than by using too much make-up. Be careful not to fall into the trap of caricature, and always bear in mind the fashions of the time, the age of the character, and suitable clothes.



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