The Common Laccaria (3/5)

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The bright purple or salmon pink of these little mushrooms adds a cheerful note to the undergrowth. Since they usually come up in large quantity, their numbers make up for their small size.


Purple, or salmon pink, rounded and slightly flattened like a small, round button. The margin curves in at first then opens out in waves. becoming flat. A small hollow in the center.


Same color as the cap. Broad, sparse, unequal, ad-nate. Spores White.


Same color as the cap. Long, thin, fibrous then hol-low. Neither volva nor ring. 

Habitat Woods.

Season Summer, fall.

Special Features

Although it is much more slender, it could be mistak-Features en, on account of its color, for a Wood Blewit or a Violet Corlinarius (not described), both of which are edible.

Recipes Throw out the fibrous stem. The caps taste good cooked in butter and added to an omelet or put in a stew.

In France, mushroom hunting is a national pastime. In recent years hordes of mushroom gatherers have invaded the countryside during the season and there has been trouble between the local in-habitants and motorists coming from the towns especially for the picking. The mayors of some villages have established regulations to control mushroom picking In the countryside in some areas on a Sunday it is estimated that as many as ten thousand people strip everything they can find in the woods. The result is a massive destruction of species that would continue to thrive for the benefit of all if picking could be controlled.


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