The Man on Horseback (4/5)

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This mushroom likes being near pine trees so that is the place to look, although it sometimes hides in long grass.


Pale yellow, convex then flattened, covered with small brown scales close together at the center. The flesh has no smell. 11/2 to 4 inches across.

Gills Yellow. crowded. emarginate, unequal. 

Spores White. 

Stem Yellow, stocky, firm. Neither volva nor ring. 

Habitat Pinewoods, sandy soil. 

Season Late summer, fall.

Special Features The Sulphur Tricholoma (Tricholoma sulfureum), Features which is inedible, is similar in appearance.

Recipes Easily cooked with butter, oil. or bacon fat, with chopped shallots and parsley. Blends well with meat. If you like spicy dishes, try this one: Cut the mush-rooms in slices and brown in a tablespoon of olive oil. Next pour in a glass of good. dry white wine and add lemon juice, a lump of sugar, a few coriander seeds. and a hint of Cayenne pepper. Served cold, this makes a good hors d’oeuvre.


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