How to DIY Cherry Earrings


①UV-LED resin hard: 6g

②Resin coloring agent: green, light green, red, yellow

③Wire: # 22

④Oval jumpring: 2

⑤ Earring parts: 1 pair.

[Tools to prepare]

①UV-LED light

② Toning stick

③ Toning palette

④ flat pliers

⑤ Round Yatko

(6) Masking tape

⑦ Silicon mold (sphere)

⑧ Magic pen



①UV-LED light

②Mixing stick

③Mixing pallet

④ Flatnose plier

⑤Corn plier

⑥Masking tape

⑦Sphere silicone mold



[How to make]

(1) Put a yellow resin in a 10m diameter spherical mold and irradiate it. Put two

② Wrap the center of the wire (less than 7cm) around the round Yatco and twist the bottom 2 to 3 times

③Put ① into a 14mm diameter spherical mold, pour red resin from above, and plug ② and irradiate

④ Take out from the mold, fill the upper dent with red resin and irradiate

(5) Resin coating the entire cherry with resin

⑥ Make the cherry on the other side of the Heta wire in the process of ③ to ⑤.

⑦ Wrap a wire (less than 10mm) around a magic pen, twist the end and cut one extra wire

巻 き Wrap the remaining wire around the round Yatco, twist it and cut the remaining wire. Make the circle part into a leaf shape

Amber is affixed to masking tape, and green and light green resin is poured and irradiated.

⑨ In ⑩⑥, fix ⑨ to the upper part of the plate with C-can.

を Attaching the earrings


[Tips / Points]

◎ Earrings and necklaces can be changed by changing the bracket

◎ When you put a red resin on top of a yellow resin sphere, make sure that there is no air before irradiation.

◎ If you want a smooth sphere, please file before coating

◎ Please remove the resin bubbles before curing.

◎ Wear gloves, masks, etc. when using resin.

◎ When using a resin, work in a well-ventilated and ventilated place.

◎ Make sure that the resin has hardened before stacking

◎ If the resin gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.