How to DIY Girly Bracelet

[Materials to prepare]

①UV-LED resin hard 4g

(2) Colors for UV resin (pink, purple, white)

③ A little hologram (pink)

④ 2 star-shaped lamé

⑤ Lame powder a little

⑥ 1 star metal chip

⑦Brion large 2, small 8

⑧ 1 T pin

⑨ Hoop parts large 1, medium 2

⑩ Ribbon 70cm



①UV-LED resin hard: 4g

②Resin coloring agent: pink, purple, white

③Glitter: pink

④Star glitter

⑤Glitter powder

⑥Star metal charm: 1

⑦Brions: L 2, S 8

⑧Head pin: 1

⑨Hoop parts: L 1, M 2

⑩Ribbon: 70cm


[Tools to prepare]

①UV-LED light mini

② Toning stick

③ Toning palette

④ Masking tape

⑤ Tweezers

⑥Silicon mat

⑦Hemispherical mold (24mm in diameter)



①UV-LED light

②Mixing stick

③Mixing pallet

④Masking tape

⑤ Tweeters

⑥Silicone mat

⑦Hemisphere mold: D24mm


[How to make]

① Make a lamellar resin, put it up to 1 / 3rd of the mold, and irradiate it with a pink holo a little around

② Put the resin to a thickness of about 2mm, put the star tip in the middle and irradiate

(3) Place the resin in a thickness of about 2 mm, and place the star glitter at the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock positions, the large brion at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock, and the small brion at other times.

④ Cut the T pin into 4mm and 6mm, place it at the center of ③ at any time and bond with resin

⑤ Place resin about 5mm thick from above and irradiate

⑥ Apply pink resin and purple resin over ⑤ and irradiate

(7) Apply white resin on top of (6) and irradiate it, then remove it from the mold.

Attach the masking tape 6mm from both ends of the hoop parts (large)

Resin is applied on the masking tape of cocoon and irradiated

Resin is painted on the again, and the ⑦ is put on the center and irradiated.

 Pass two hoop parts (medium) through the ribbon, and pass them through the gap between ー hoop parts (large) and ⑦.

Pass the cocoon ribbon again through the hoop part (middle) so that it forms a ring, and cut the end with a die.


[Tips / Points]

◎ Letters and parts on the clock face are easy to see when cured at about half the position of the hemispherical silicon

◎ Please remove the resin bubbles before curing. ◎ Wear gloves, mask, etc. when using the resin. Please make sure that the resin has hardened. ◎ If the resin gets on your skin, wash it off immediately. *