How to make an avocado necklace

[Materials to prepare]

①UV-LED resin hard 5g

(2) A little colorant for UV resin (green, yellow-green, white, brown)

③Plastic clay 1-2

④ 2 small magnets

⑤Chain (for foot) 7mm × 2

⑥ Chain (for a necklace) 45cm 1

⑦9 pins 1 pc

1 crab crab

1 Karasumakan

⑩C Kang 2 pieces



①UV-LED resin hard: 5g

②Resin coloring agent: green, yellow-green, white, brown

③Plastic clay: 1-2

④Tiny magnet: 2

⑤Chain (S): 7mm × 4

⑥ Chain (M): 45cm × 1

⑦Eye pins: 2

⑧Lobster claps: 1

⑨Jump ring: 1

⑩Oval jumpring: 2


[Tools to prepare]

①UV-LED light mini

② Toning stick

③ Embossed heater

④ Tweezers

⑤Silicon mat

⑥Pin vice

⑦ Egg type (beads, clay, etc.)

⑧Hemisphere mold

⑨Oil pen



①UV-LED light

②Mixing stick

③Heat gun


⑤Silicone mat

⑥Pin vise

⑦Egg shape object

⑧Hemispher mold

⑨Permanent marker


[How to make]

① Put plastic clay in boiling water and divide it in half when it becomes soft

②Press one of ① against the egg mold and take out the egg mold when it hardens

③ Apply green resin to the inside of the mold made in ② and irradiate it (repeat about 3 times)

④Pour yellow-green resin into ③ and irradiate it, and draw a face with an oil pen on the top

⑤ Apply a thin brown resin on the inside of the hemispherical mold and irradiate it

⑥ Put a magnet in ⑤, pour brown resin from above and irradiate

(7) Apply clear resin to (5) and place (6) on the bottom to irradiate

Press the soft plastic clay against the same size hemispherical mold used in ⑧⑤ and take the mold

Make a skin in the process of ② to ②, fix the magnet on the bottom, put a yellow-green resin, and irradiate it with a cocoon so that a dent is formed at the same position as the seed of ⑦

Draw a face on the heel, coat with clear resin and irradiate

Make a hole with a pin vice in one place above ⑩⑦ and ⑩.

Attach a foot chain with resin to the two holes under the arm and irradiate it, and make a round foot with yellowish-green resin at the tip of the foot

Place 9 pins with resin in the hole above the heel and irradiate

Pass the necklace chain through the 9 pin of the bag and connect the Malkan and Crab Kan with the C can.


[Tips / Points]

◎ Changing the metal fittings can be used for piercings and earrings

◎ Can be made without a magnet

◎ Please put the magnet in the resin while paying attention to the + and-directions.

◎ The magnet used in the movie is a strong magnet of 1mm x 2mm

◎ The egg shape used in the video is made of resin clay. Try to make a mold with your favorite beads and clay

◎ Wear gloves, masks, etc. when using resin.

◎ When using a resin, work in a well-ventilated and ventilated place.

◎ Make sure that the resin is completely cured.

◎ If the resin gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.