How to make Wrapped Wire Earrings


①UV-LED resin hard: 6g

②Resin coloring agent: brown, red, white

③Wire # 26: 35cm ~ × 2

④Earring parts


[Tools to prepare]

①UV-LED light

② Toning stick

③ Toning palette

④ flat pliers

⑤ Round Yatko


⑦ Brush

Paper pattern (necessary when you want to align both ears)



①UV-LED light

②Mixing stick

③Mixing pallet

④Flat nose plier

⑤Corn plier


⑦ Brush

⑧Paper pattern


[How to make]

(1) Place a silicone mat on the pattern and trace it with resin.

②Turn over ① and put resin on for irradiation

③ Leave 6cm-8cm of wire and wind it in ②

④ Twist the end of the winding and roll it with a round Yatco. Cut excess wire

⑤ Decide where to place the color in advance, and attach a resin next to the wire in the transparent area so that it will not leak when the color is applied.

⑥ Make a wine red resin, apply some resin and irradiate it

⑦ Make a dark brown resin, paint it in several places and irradiate it

Apply a different color from the font color on the back of ⑧⑦

⑨Resin coating on both sides with a brush

を Attaching the earrings


[Tips / Points]

◎ Earrings and necklaces can be changed by changing the bracket

◎ The wire passing through the apex part may be cut if it is twisted too much.

◎ When you put the resin in the blocked part, please be careful not to droop little by little (please take advantage of the surface tension) ◎ Please remove the resin bubbles and let it harden

◎ Wear gloves, masks, etc. when using resin.

◎ When using a resin, work in a well-ventilated and ventilated place.

◎ Make sure that the resin has hardened before stacking

◎ If the resin gets on your skin, wash it off immediately.